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Honeybush is similar in apperance and taste to Rooibos, but is naturally sweeter. Honeybush, a herbal tea comes from the the Cyclopia plant that is grown in the high mountains of the Western and Eastern Cape regions.

Health benefits

  • Caffeine-free
  • Very low tannin levels
  • It is very soothing and calms the central nervous system
  • Eases constipation
  • Can be applied topically to skin irritations
  • Full of antioxidants to guard against free radical attack
  • Contains polyphenols that boost the immune system and and to help reduce the degenerative effects of lifestyle diseases
  • Rich in minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese, and sodium  
  • Downsides of Honeybush None whatsoever as no negative side effects ever reported therefore Honeybush tea can be drunk freely. If Honeybush is brewed or boiled for longer than ten minutes, the antioxidant activity becomes much higher.

    Wild Harvested Organic Honeybush 50gr/2oz. (SKU: HB-H-050)
    Wild Harvested Organic Honeybush 100gr/4oz. (SKU: HB-H-100)
    Wild Harvested Organic Honeybush 250gr/8oz. (SKU: HB-H-250)
    Wild Harvested Organic Honeybush 500gr/1lb. (SKU: HB-H-500)
    Honeybush Rooibos Citrus-ella 50gr/2oz. (SKU: HB-HC-050)
    Honeybush Rooibos Citrus-ella 100gr/2oz. (SKU: HB-HC-100)
    Honeybush Rooibos Citrus-ella 250gr/8oz. (SKU: HB-HC-250)
    Honeybush Rooibos Citrus-ella 500gr/1lb. (SKU: HB-HC-500)
    Honeybush Mystique Blend 50gr/2oz. (SKU: HB-HMB-050)
    Honeybush Mystique Blend 100gr/4oz. (SKU: HB-HMB-100)
    Honeybush Mystique Blend 250gr/8oz. (SKU: HB-HMB-250)
    Honeybush Mystique Blend 500gr/1lb. (SKU: HB-HMB-500)
    Honeybush Rooibos Spring Cherry 50gr/2oz. (SKU: HB-HSC-050)
    Honeybush Rooibos Spring Cherry 100gr/4oz. (SKU: HB-HSC-100)
    Honeybush Rooibos Spring Cherry 250gr/8oz. (SKU: HB-HSC-250)
    Honeybush Rooibos Spring Cherry 500gr/1lb (SKU: HB-HSC-500)
    Honeybush Vanilla 50gr/2oz. (SKU: HB-HVAN-050)
    Honeybush Vanilla 250gr/8oz. (SKU: HB-HVAN-250)
    Honeybush Vanilla 500gr/1lb. (SKU: HB-HVAN-500)
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