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Rooibos (Red Bush Tea)

Rooibos tea is an excellent source of antioxidants: it's packed with health-boosting polyphenols and contains a unique antioxidant called aspalathin.  Lab studies have shown that the tea could possibly slow the ageing process (including the progression of dementia), prevent certain forms of cancer (particularly skin, liver and oesophageal cancer) and lower the risk of heart disease. However, almost no research has been done in humans to confirm these proposed benefits.

Anecdotal evidence also suggests that rooibos:

  • acts as a digestive aid and anti-spasmodic, thereby relieving stomach cramps and colic in babies
  • helps manage allergies
  • soothes skin irritations when applied directly to the affected area
  • boosts the immune system

Furthermore, rooibos tea:

  • has a low tannin content (only1-4%), which means that it doesn't inhibit the absorption of iron (something that black tea does)
  • contains no caffeine
  • is virtually kilojoule-free (that's without sugar and milk, of course)
  • contains no colourants, additives or preservatives
Downsides of rooibos Researchers know of no side effects associated with the use of rooibos tea, so it can be drunk freely. It is also safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and young children.
Rooibos Pomegranate 50gr/2oz. (SKU: ROO-RPOM-050)
Rooibos Pomegranate 100gr/4oz. (SKU: ROO-RPOM-100)
Rooibos Pomegranate 250gr/8oz. (SKU: ROO-RPOM-250)
Rooibos Pomegranate 500gr/1lb. (SKU: ROO-RPOM-500)
Rooibos Provence 50gr/2oz. (SKU: ROO-RPRO-050)
Rooibos Provence 100gr/4oz. (SKU: ROO-RPRO-100)
Rooibos Provence 250gr/8oz. (SKU: ROO-RPRO-250)
Rooibos Provence 500gr/1lb. (SKU: ROO-RPRO-500)
Rooibos Pacific Sun 50gr/2oz. (SKU: ROO-RPS-050)
Rooibos Pacific Sun 100gr/4oz. (SKU: ROO-RPS-100)
Rooibos Pacific Sun 250gr/8oz. (SKU: ROO-RPS-250)
Rooibos Pacific Sun 500gr/1lb. (SKU: ROO-RPS-500)
Rooibos Strawberry Rhubarb 50gr/2oz. (SKU: ROO-RSR-050)
Rooibos Strawberry Rhubarb 100gr/4oz. (SKU: ROO-RSR-100)
Rooibos Strawberry Rhubarb 250gr/8oz. (SKU: ROO-RSR-250)
Rooibos Strawberry Rhubarb 500gr/1lb. (SKU: ROO-RSR-500)
Rooibos Sweet Almond 50gr/2oz. (SKU: ROO-RSWA-050)
Rooibos Sweet Almond 100gr/2oz. (SKU: ROO-RSWA-100)
Rooibos Sweet Almond 250gr/8oz. (SKU: ROO-RSWA-250)
Rooibos Sweet Almond 500gr/1lb. (SKU: ROO-RSWA-500)
Rooibos Vanilla 50gr/2oz. (SKU: ROO-RVAN-050)
Rooibos Vanilla 100gr/4oz. (SKU: ROO-RVAN-100)
Rooibos Vanilla 250gr/8oz. (SKU: ROO-RVAN-250)
Rooibos Vanilla 500gr/1lb. (SKU: ROO-RVAN-500)
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